This page is to answer the buring questions I know you have.

Contact Info
David and Kim Niblett

First, this isn't going to be the most friendly navigation website. I don't do nice buttons and easy picture navigation links. Why? I just don't want to take that much time. I'm here to build my plane and keep a log. So this site is designed to be easy to maintain for me.

So you want to know about us? Well try to stay awake. I work for the local utility company Gainesville Regional Utilites, specifically in the commercial side that provides Internet and Data connections to businesses and apartment complexes (GRU.Net). Kim works for University of Florida. She works in a lab for IFAS on citrus diseases and genetic research, or as we like to say, "She tries to make oranges pick themselves."

I've always loved flying, started when I was 15, had my license when I turned 16 (passed my check ride before I got my driver's license). I flew as money permitted, but eventually that went away and so did spare time. I always missed it, but frankly I had about as much fun as I could crawling along in a Cessna 152. I want to go places in our plane. The $100 hamburger is nice, but what's the point of an airplane just to get food?

I have always been a builder, it must be the Engineer in me (yes I have a Computer Engineering degree, so I had to take all the normal Engineering classes). I decided to build a car, and hence the 1965 AC Cobra replica we now own. I've had it for 6 years and I was itching for a new project. I looked at all the other cars out there, but nothing really sparked my interest. Kim (foolishly) suggested that maybe we should build that airplane.

Well gone were the thoughts of any car project, I had the green light from the wife to build a plane, Katie bar the door! Heck she even said get the Quick Build because she wants me to have a project, but want's an airplane in less than 12 years. Who am I to argue?

That brings us to how we got here. I plan to put my mistakes and successes on the Internet just like many others, in hopes that another person out there will get the desire to build an airplane. Feel free to contact my at the above if I can answer questions, be of help, or you just want to chat about the project.

David and Kim