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I don't count time on side things that improve the shop or such as time on the project. However, there are some things that others might want to know about.

Here in Florida it's currently in the "damn" hot range, and the "oh-my-f'ing-god" humidity level. So I decided to build a temporary wall and A/C one bay of the 3 car garage. I needed something that would keep the cool air contained, but be easy to break down when I need to bolt on the wings.

So the design was to use some rigid foam that's 3/4" deep and comes in 4x8 sheets. My buddy Steve helped me take 2x4's and cut various dadoes in them. There are 2 basic ones. The top and bottom place have a 1-1/2" slot cut in the wide portion of a 2x4, 3/4" deep. This should fit the end of a 2x4.

The studs have a 3/4" slot, 1" deep cut on the narrow side of the 2x4. This accepts the foam. The system works great, but in hind sight there are a couple of things I recommend doing differently.

1) Cut the stud slots in a V shape. So the leading edge is wider than 3/4" and the bottom of the V is 3/4". This will make getting the foam in much easier.

2) Cut the top and bottom plate slots a bit wider too. The wood swells with high humidity, so it's easy for the pieces to really be hard to get together.

Everything is compression fit, but I did attach the top plate to the ceiling joists. So it won't come crashing down when I take the wall down. For the door, I just cut off the shoulders of the dado, and used a piece of foam as the door.

So far it works great. I wouldn't say the room is frosty, but it's cooler and really much less humidity, which is the most important thing to me. I plan on insulating the ceiling and garage door, but that may be an early fall project.