Total Build Time: 840 Hours
This is one of the many other experimental aircraft build sites out there. This will become my build log for the construction of our Van's RV-9A airplane.

For easy reference I'm including the project status by section. So if you are following along at home, you can more quickly find new entries.

Project Status

Empennage Horizontal Stabilizer Finished
  Vertical Stabilizer Finished
  Rudder Finished
  Right Elevator Finished
  Left Elevator Finished
Wings   Finished
Fuselage   Dec 15, 2013
Canopy   Mar 23, 2014
Engine   Apr 29, 2012
    Sep 3, 2012: Yeah I've said this before, but I am back on the project again today. We had a leak in a pipe in our slab and well I did the repairs myself which meant some home upgrades, etc. I'm done and really ready to go and get back on track. I want this completed by Aug 2013 as a 40th birthday present to me. I've also added the option of following the site updates via Twitter. Don't expect a ton of tweets, just notice when I update the web page.
    May 16, 2010: Well the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated! It's amazing how easy it is to get distracted from the project. After the holidays we had some wickedly cold days here (yes for Florida). I wasn't willing to work in the garage in 30-40 degree temps. This is supposed to be fun and that's not fun. Then spring came, and some vacation, and then some spring cleanup around the house, etc, etc. Well NO MORE! I'm back on the plane and put in 6 hours today. I'm determined to keep the trend going forward.
    Oct 19, 2009: Hard to believe that I missed the 1 year mark. The part that made me realize that is I had to renew my domain and N number reservation.
    Jun 6, 2009: Bought my engine! Didn't really plan on it, it sort of just happened. I thought I got a good deal and almost exactly what I wanted. Read more about it under the engine section.
    Apr 27, 2009: Got back from Sun 'n Fun and it was just awsome. I spent 3 days just talking to all the vendors and have made some decisions on things I want in my airplane. I plan on writing up a seperate page to talk about that, so look for that soon.
    Jan 7, 2009: It's a brave new year and while my Christmas present was a bit late, I now have the quick build kit in the garage.
    Nov 29, 2008: I received notice from the FAA that my tail number is reserved. Soon I'll be moving this build page to That's the month and year that Kim and I started dating, you can figure out the DK on your own.
    Nov 3, 2008: I have placed the order for the quick build fuselage and wings. The only problem is that is seems Van's has them in stock! I was expecting to wait about 5 months from time of order to delivery. So I'm going to ask that they delay until the first of the year, since I'm not quite prepared to get the big chunks right now.