Total Build Time: 840 Hours
The basic goal is to take a bunch of parts shown below and turn them into a 2 person airplane. This is NOT our plane, but it's the best representation I could find. Ours will come looking a lot like that pile of parts, and when finished it will be very similar.

The astute observer of the picture will say that this is an RV-7. I couldn't find a good represntation of an RV-9A quick build kit. Our version of the airplane will look very much like this, but it will be a tricycle gear and have a bit different configuration. For a specific picture you can see it here. Specific details on the performance and such are here.

Our plan is to build a Quick Build (QB) version of the airplane. This means that the fuselage and wings will be substantially built before I receive them. The dilema is that Kim want's an airplane sooner than later, and I want a project. So the compromise is the QB. Other features that we've decided on are:

  • Tricycle gear ("A" version) - This is what I'm used to, and Kim hopes to learn to fly in the future. Finding someone to give a tailwheel sign off is getting harder. This plane is designed for us to go places over being the acro fighter plane.
  • Slider Canopy - Tough decision here, but in Florida, the summers are brutal and the ability to taxi with the canopy back is a big plus.
  • Electric Trim
  • Glass panel - I'm into computers and I can't see any reason not to go modern.
  • IFR Rated - I have no intention of doing hard IFR, but there are many mornings and afternoons that the cloud cover is low and it's VFR on top. I want to be able to get above that, and get home if I need to.